It has come to our attention that there have been questions coming in referencing the taller grasses around the golf course lake banks and their connecting creeks.  We appreciate the opportunity to help explain our vision with everyone interested. 

Our overall property goal with this management strategy is to enhance our local wildlife habitat, or better yet minimally disturb it.  We are trying to protect our local wildlife by giving them areas to utilize and move throughout the course in minimally used portions of the property.  By connecting small and large natural areas this gives our wildlife corridors of natural vegetation via streams and grasses to move about the property, free from predators.

Another major benefit to this program is the protection and integrity of our water resources.  We treat these areas as “no spray” zones along with keeping our fertilizers 25 feet away from our water bodies.  This minimizes nutrient and chemical inputs.  These areas mitigate erosion and allow for a true natural “filter” to reduce the potential for nutrient loading to water bodies.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.  We hope this helps as we can all enjoy our wildlife along with this new renovation for many years to come.